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Pictory Events bring brands to life, connecting you with your audiences and creating memorable live events that stand out from the crowd. Head-turning, high-impact and hard to resist event marketing photo booths – that’s the Pictory Events promise. We deliver live event experiences like no other.

Miami Event Photo Booth Rentals

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Immersive, interactive and engaging photo & video event marketing.

From concept to creation, Pictory Events take care of it all, turning live events into brand activations using the best photo booth technology on the market. User-generated content, technology, data and fun come together in picture-perfect experiences. Delivering photo and video event marketing which creates powerful, long-lasting connections between you and your guests. Get set to achieve the impossible with Pictory Events Corporate Photo Booth Specialists Miami.

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The Pictory Event Experience

Professional Lighting and Photography Equipment

To add an extra element of fun and style to photos, Pictory Events offers a curated collection of high-end props and accessories. From vintage-inspired accessories to trendy statement pieces, clients can choose from a wide range of items to personalize their photo booth experience and create memorable moments.

Social Media Integration & Analytics

Pictory Events understands the importance of social media sharing in today's digital age. Our photo booths are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows guests to instantly share their photos on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Enhancing the visibility of any event instantly.

On-Site pictory Ambassadors and Concierge Service:

Pictory Events provides an exceptional level of service by offering on-site ambassadors who are trained to assist guests and ensure that the photo booth runs smoothly throughout the event. Additionally, our concierge service allows clients to customize their photo booth experience from A - Z.

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